Icy Tower

Icy Tower is funny game which belongs to category of endless jumper games. Endless jumper games are similar as an endless runner games, where the main difference is moving up, not forward. In this game, the main hero has to jump up through an endless steps at the castle tower and attempt to survive as long as possible. While you are trying pass the level, things will get more difficult and you'll be able to upgrade your skills to the maximum. As long you try to stay alive, you will get more points. That offers a great way to play on the go because you can start the game and play for just a couple of minutes and have fun.

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Everything about Icy Tower

Or, try to go as further as possible and beating your own high score again and again. Another thing that makes the Ice Tower game such a fun and enjoyable game is the way it allows you to compete with your friends on your Facebook. Yes, you can play it on your Facebook together with your friends, comparing your high score with them. You always have a goal of outlasting the other player on your friends list, and this keeps you play more and getting better. At the end, the more high on the list you are, the satisfaction will be bigger and better. If you struggle to beat your friend, come back and try to get your skills up with playing the game more often. At the end, all that training will be paid off and you will be at the top. Icy Tower Online game has a good cartooned graphic and has no age limit.

Icy Tower 2 game

Everyone is welcome to play it. The controls are simple. There is also a timer, so better be fast, because when the floors gets shaky, you don’t want to be on them.


Here are the controls that you need to know before you start playing the game:

  • Up Arrow or Space– Jump
  • Left Arrow – Move Left
  • Right Arrow – Move Right

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